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 Student Packets (Books, Uniform items, Study Guides and Software, Navy Blue workout apparel)



Rescate Resources is committed to providing the safest most reliable head to toe fire fighting gear available for rent or sale. We strive to provide the highest quality equipment while at an affordable price.

Top quality Apparel/Uniform items are in-stock or can be ordered in your size.





Turnout Gear Available for Rent


 Bunker Gear (Jacket and Pant)

 Helmet with Face Shield

 Gear Bag


 Hood and Gloves

 Bunker Boots

 All equipment complies with Texas Commission on Fire Protection requirements and NFPA Standards


  For local training facilities:


 We deliver and pickup the equipment to the training facilities at the beginning and end of class


 There are no shipping requirements


 Trained personnel are on site at time of delivery to ensure proper fit of the equipment


 Pre-fitting/Pickup is available at our facility one week prior to the start of training


 We provide maintenance on the equipment throughout the lease agreement


 Same Day Rental of Gear available for in-stock sizes

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